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Enzymatically Modified Stevia

Enzymatically Modified Stevia

UsageWidely used as a sweetener for food to improve taste, low costs and extend shelf life.



OriginSouth Korea

Detailed Description

Characteristic of the product

100% Natural Stevia extract, Stevioside
Stevioside is a natural extract extracted from the leaves of Stevia. Enzymatically Modified Stevia, it is a sweetener made by enzymatic treatment to remove the bitter taste of stevioside. Stevia is white or light yellow powder with properties of natural, good taste and odorless. It has unique properties of high sweetness, low calorie and fresh taste. Its sweetness is 150~200 times sweeter than that of sugar, but almost zero calorie of it. A large quantity of medical experiments shows that the Stevia sugar is harmless, non-carcinogen and safe as food. Stevia can prevent people from hypertension, diabetes mellitus, obesity, heart diseases, tooth decay and etc. It is an ideal substitute of sugar. 

Purpose and method of use

1. High sweetness and zero calories, suitable for anyone include diabetes. 
2. Prevent such illnesses as hypertension, diabetes, obesity, heart disease and carious teeth. 
3. Lower blood pressure and sedative effect. 


Steviol Glycoside 30%, 80%