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거르미 풀믹 The Manure is Gormi

거르미 풀믹 The Manure is Gormi

Usage토양의 물리성 및 화학성 개선




Detailed Description

Characteristic of the product

1. 토양 물리성(보비, 보수, 통기) 및 화학성 개선
2. 뿌리 발육 및 잔뿌리 발생 촉진
3. 유용 미생물 증가 및 염류집적 감소
4. 작물 생육촉진 및 상품성 증가
5. 기공 개폐작용 관여 (체내 수분조적)
6. 건조, 풍해 등 스트레스 해소 능력 증가

1. Improvement of soil physicality (bobby, repair, aeration) and chemical
2. Promote root development and small roots
3. Increased useful microorganisms and reduced salt accumulation
4. Promote crop growth and increase marketability
5. Pore opening and closing action (internal moisture accumulation)
6. Increased ability to relieve stress such as drying and wind and sea

Purpose and method of use

엽면시비 : 본 제품 1kg을 물 75~100 말에 희석하여 시비
토양관주 : 본 제품 1kg을 물에 희석하여 1000평에 관주

Foliar fertilization: 1kg of this product is diluted with 75 ~ 100 pieces of water and fertilized.
Soil irrigation: 1kg of this product is diluted in water and irrigated at 1000 pyeong.